Radipine real woodanti termite decay attack,
warranty 25 years.

Radipine Kiln Dried & Treated



  • Redipine Real Wood Anti Decay & Termite Attack.
  • Radipine timber are harvested from plantation forest in New Zealand.
  • Radipine wood was kiln dried and CCA treated import from New Zealand.
  • Free form decay and termites attack in all type of soil, water and weather conditions.
  • Warrantee 25 years.
  • Radipine Decking

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    Radipine decking is suitable for direct exposure to rain and the elements.
    It is suitable for outdoor work applications such as swimming pool surround, terrace.

    Radipine Bearer & Joist

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    Radipine landscape is suitable for close or touch on ground such as bearer sit on ground.

    Radipine Structure Timbers

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    Radipine structure is suitable for outdoor  structure such as pergola, fencing, bridge,
    panel Etc.

    Radipine Decorate Wood

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    Radipine decorate is suitable for  all multi - purpose outdoor decorate such as partition and on top pergola , fencing panel , etc.